Accent Art Glass Presents: About the Artist



Bruce Sillars Scott Beyers

William Carter Richard Braley

Artists at the Orient and Flume Studio work individually or in collaboration to design and produce this beautiful glass. Drawn from nature, most Orient and Flume designs echo a common theme. Each artist, however, enjoys the creative freedom to develop their own unique style.

Bruce Sillars is a prolific designer considered by other glass blowers to be a true master of glass technique. Sillars grew up in the Los Angeles suburbs. In high school he worked in ceramics, later becoming a technician in the ceramic studio at Moorpark College. He holds a BA degree in Art with an emphasis in ceramics, glass, and sculpture from California State University, Chico. In 1973.

Master glass artist Scott Beyers is known for his graceful, free flowing designs achieved through the expert use of "torch worked" techniques. Scott grew up near the ocean in McKinleyville, California, and earned his AA degree in Technical Engineering from Shasta College in Redding, California. In 1976, he received his BA degree in Ceramics and Glass from California State University, Chico.

Glass artist William Carter is fascinated by the idea of hot, molten glass being manipulated to form art pieces that, when finished, end up so cool and smooth to the touch. He has a special talent for torchworking, or the application of designs on hot glass using a hand torch to melt colored glass canes. William is a native of Chico, California, and received degrees in business, accounting and computer science from Butte College.

Music and art both influence the independent personality of Richard Braley. I was always getting into trouble for drawing, ever since kindergarten. In high school my art took form through my favorite subject, wood shop. Richard's introduction to art glass came through a three-year independent study program at Central Washington State in glass blowing.