US Mints - Terms and Conditions


My Lot Number System:
The numbers and letters in the [brackets] coincide to the Scott catalog number followed by a condition grade - A to I. The letters correspond to a scale I made up with "A" as the most desirable condition, "B" slightly less so, etc. Here is the scale: You'll find that most of my stock falls into the "A" to "D" conditions, and is conservatively graded.

Gum Descriptions: Centering standards are on another page.


Prices listed are in US dollars. Lots are sold as genuine, and are returnable within 30 days of receipt. Shipping and handling charge on US domestic orders: $2.00, all others as necessary. 5% discount on orders over $100, 10% discount on orders over $200!

Payment Options:

*Orders over $50 placed by first time buyers paying by personal check may be held a few days for clearance before shipping. Make personal checks and money orders payable to Mark Leon.

Send payment to:

Mark Leon
10349 Wolf Cub Ct
Las Vegas, NV 89178-3529

Lots may be reserved via e-mail, but payment must be received within ten days of the e-mail reservation.

Communication via email is the preferred method, but if necessary, Mark Leon may be reached by telephone at 702-233-3162.

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